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The Aka Ms Remoteconnect portal (https://aka.ms/remoteconnect) allows Minecraft players to link their devices to their personal Microsoft accounts. Some of the consoles which can be connected include PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox (One, X and S) and Nintendo Switch.

Quick Fix: How to Fix the ‘Sign In with Microsoft Account’ Minecraft Error.

If you already have a Microsoft account, and you have already linked your PS4, Nintendo Switch or Xbox with your Microsoft account, but is still getting an error, then this video will show you a quick fix. From within the Minecraft game settings you can easily fix the Minecraft Microsoft Account problem, by following the easy steps shown in this video:

When accessing the official URL, visitors be sent to https://login.live.com/oauth20_remoteconnect.srf and prompted to enter a specific code. This code provides individual access to their personal Microsoft accounts.

This is particularly important if you are playing Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch or PlayStation platforms, as it enables the crossplay feature. In other words, you will be able to play with other online users, who also are connected via their Microsoft Live accounts, even if they are using a different gaming console or device.

 Click Here to Enter your Minecraft Code.

https aka ms remoteconnect - https://aka/ms-remoteconnect
Enter the code shown from on your console screen.

What Does the Aka.ms/remoteconnect Error Mean?

When attempting to play Minecraft with friends, you may encounter an aka.ms/remoteconnect error message. This is frequently associated with PlayStation or Nintendo Switch consoles (including Switch Lite). The error is caused by the need for an Xbox Live account when accessing Minecraft cross platform gameplay.

It is possible to access Xbox live for free, if you already possess a valid Microsoft account. Your device will have to be linked to a Microsoft account if you wish to enable the crossplay feature. However, you may still encounter an error message which reads.

“Signing in to a Microsoft Account will permanently associate it with your current account. Visit this website on another device: https://aka.ms/remoteconnect and enter this code: XXXXXXX”.

Keep in mind that the specific wording will depend upon the device that you are using.

Why am I getting the AKA MS Remoteconnect Error Message?

So, what is the reason why you are receiving such errors? There are two culprits. One common scenario involves accessing the crossplay feature for the first time on a new device; especially if it is not linked with an existing Microsoft account. Devices not associated with the Microsoft OS (such as PlayStation and Nintendo) are more likely to encounter an error message.

There may also be times when you receive an error immediately after you switch devices (such as transitioning from an Xbox to a PlayStation or a PlayStation to the Nintendo Switch).

How Can I Fix an aka.ms/remoteconnect Error?

The good news is that there are numerous ways to fix this type of error. This is often influenced by your specific situation. First and foremost, remember that it is mandatory to possess an active Microsoft account. In the event that you have not yet signed up, navigate here to register for free: https://account.microsoft.com/.

You will then need to select the “Create a Microsoft Account” option and follow the associated instructions. Note that establishing a new account can sometimes resolve issues associated with device conflicts.

Let’s imagine that you already have an MS account and you are asked to supply a code to the Aka MS Remoteconnect portal. In this case, navigate to the Https://aka.ms/remoteconnect url from another device than the one you playing Minecraft on.

Then, enter the code displayed on your Minecraft game screen, where prompted. Clicking the “Next” icon should automatically link your device to the associated Microsoft account.

What if neither of these solutions fix the problem? In this case, corrupted game data may be causing the issue. Note that the two strategies outlined above should first be attempted, as you will otherwise be forced to permanently delete game data and your progress will be forever lost. In the event that this is the only remaining solution, data cane be deleted by accessing:

System Settings – Storage – Game Storage – Minecraft

Detailed Guide to Correcting the Aka Ms Remoteconnect Error.

Are you looking for a more comprehensive guide on how to fix this error? If so, the two suggestions highlighted below should come in handy. Let us examine each in more detail.

Strategy 1: Using the Microsoft Login Code.

You will first need to activate Minecraft on your PC or gaming console. Then, click the Multiplayer Access option. A code and separate authorisation link will thereafter appear. Write both of these down for future reference.

You should next open up any third-party browser and log into your current Microsoft account (via the official login portal). Using the same browser, open a separate window and navigate to https://aka.ms/remoteconnect. Use the information that was previously saved. Assuming that the code is entered correctly, you will need to agree with specific terms and conditions. It is now possible to enjoy error-free access to Minecraft with your Nintendo or PS4 console.

Strategy 2: Deleting Saved and Corrupted Minecraft Game Files.

As mentioned earlier, you may need to delete game files that have become corrupted. Please note that the processes will be different depending upon the device that you are using. Let us look at the steps to take for each console:

In terms of the Xbox One:

  • Access “Games and Apps” from the home screen. Select “Games” from the menu.
  • Find “Minecraft” and choose “Manage Game”.
  • Remove all relevant files by following the on-screen instructions

For PS4 users:

  • Access the “Settings” icon on the home screen.
  • Navigate to System Settings – Storage – System Storage – Saved Data.
  • Find Minecraft from within the list of saved data.
  • Delete all unwanted files.

For the Nintendo Switch:

  • Select “Settings” from the main menu screen.
  • Choose “Data Management” in the following window.
  • Highlight “Saved Data”.
  • You can then delete any unwanted game data by following the instructions.

Will I Require a Microsoft Account in Order to Play Minecraft?

Please note that most devices will not require that you possess an active Microsoft account. However, Java versions of this game as well as any associated with a Windows OS are likely to need an MS account. We should also point out that those who wish to access the crossplay feature via another console (such as the Switch or the PlayStation) will first need to have a Microsoft account.

Why is such an account mandatory? The first reason is that Majong Studios (the creators of Minecraft) have been purchased by Microsoft and are members of the subsidiary Xbox Game Studios. It is also wise to mention that crossplay with the use of a Microsoft account will provide enhanced safety and security when playing Minecraft online.

Troubleshooting the Aka Remoteconnect Website.

What would happen if you encounter issues when using the remote connection? There are several strategies to consider. It is first a good idea to determine if the problem is associated with the portal or with your Internet connection. Attempt to load a familiar website. If this page loads, the issue is not with the connection itself.

There are also times when services will become interrupted as a result of regular maintenance or excessive inbound traffic. While not very common, it is best to remain patient and to access the site in a few minutes.

There could be times when the site loads properly and you are still unable to connect to your device (even after the code has been entered). First and foremost, check to make certain that the code is correct. Look for typing errors, missed symbols and if your CAPS LOCK key was accidentally turned on.

If none of these suggestions rectify the problem, make it a point to contact a customer support specialist.

Minecraft Crossplay: Linking Xbox (One, Series S and Series X) Consoles to your Microsoft Account

Xbox consoles are the most user-friendly options in terms of Minecraft crossplay. This arises from the fact that you already possess a Microsoft account. In the event that you have recently purchased a new Xbox, it may be necessary to create an account when setting up the console. You can likewise set up a new one by navigating to https://account.microsoft.com.

When the account is activated, confirm that Minecraft has been installed on your Xbox. As soon as the game completes loading, you will be able to access various crossplay options.

Minecraft Crossplay: Linking PS4 and PlayStation 5 to your Microsoft Account.

When the account is activated, confirm that Minecraft has been installed on your Xbox. As soon as the game completes loading, you will be able to access various crossplay options.

What if you own an PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5? In this case, you will need to own the Minecraft game as well as a secondary device that has been configured to browse the Internet. Once again, make sure that you have a valid Microsoft account or register for one if this is your first time.

Confirm that your PS console is actively connected to the Internet. In the event that you do not own a physical copy of Minecraft, it is possible to purchase one from the digital store found within your PlayStation menu.

Assuming that you have completed the steps mentioned above, you can now open Minecraft. The game provides you with a direct option to sign into your Microsoft account. The associated benefits of this choice will likewise be explained. During this process, you will be asked to visit the https://aka.ms/remoteconnect website.

However, this URL will need to be accessed with a different device than your PS4 console. Tablets, desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones are all options. Once the webpage has loaded, enter the unique number highlighted within your PlayStation console screen in the correct field and press “Next” to continue the process. When the steps have been completed, you should be connected directly to your PS4 or PS5 console.

A confirmation screen will normally appear which states that your Xbox Live profile has been successfully linked to Minecraft. You can then take advantage of all of the unique crossplay features outlined earlier.

Minecraft Crossplay: Linking Nintendo Switch to your Microsoft Account.

Thankfully, the process required to setup crossplay on the Nintendo Switch is similar to that associated with your PlayStation. Note that you will first need to log into your current Microsoft account. As the Switch is not equipped with a bespoke Internet browser, you will need to use another online-ready device during the actual setup process.

As always, make certain that Minecraft is first installed on your Nintendo Switch and confirm that it is connected to the Internet. If you do not already have a Microsoft account, you can register for a free one at https://account.microsoft.com.

Once the game is launched, you will be presented with the choice to directly link to your current account with Xbox Live. In other words, you will be linking your Nintendo Switch to your Microsoft account. A code will thereafter be displayed. Copy this code and enter it into the field provided at https://aka.ms/remoteconnect.

Once the code has been entered, click “Next”. A series of instructions should then be presented followed by a message confirming that your Nintendo Switch is linked to your Microsoft account. Assuming that the connection was successful, you can begin enjoying all of the advantages that Minecraft crossplay has to offer. This includes interacting with friends who may happen to be using different operating systems.

Joining and Creating Minecraft Crossplay Sessions.

We will now assume that your console has been configured to recognise the unique Minecraft crossplay feature. The good news is that the crossplay process itself is exactly the same; regardless of the device that you may be using.

Access the main menu and click on the “Play” option. Navigate to the “Worlds” choice and select “Create New World”. You will then need to travel to the multiplayer section (making certain that this option has been highlighted). You can then start creating your new world while also being provided with the possibility to ask others to join you in crossplay.

It is also wise to point out that this very same crossplay feature can be used to enter into a Minecraft world that has been created by someone else. To access this amenity, you will first start the game before navigating to the “Play” icon. Clicking on the “Friends” tab will enable you to view the various worlds that are currently available. While each console may display the list slightly different, it will still be possible to join unique worlds with the click of a button.

What if I Need to Contact the Customer Service Team at Minecraft?

What if you begin experiencing other technical issues that cannot be addressed with the help of the advice above? In this case, it is always wise to contact the professional Minecraft support team. The quickest way to speak with a trained representative is to complete the online form found at https://help.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/requests/new.

Try to complete as much of the form as possible. Choose the preferred language, supply relevant contact details and be certain to mention the console being used to access Minecraft. A drop-down menu will then be provided; enabling you to select from a series of reasons why you require additional assistance. Simply select the most relevant one.

In the event that you wish to write directly to the Minecraft developers, you can send mail to the following address:

Mojang Studios
Söder Mälarstrand 43
Stockholm, Stockholm 11825

Is the Safety of the https://aka.ms/remoteconnect Ensured?

You will be happy to learn that the MS Remoteconnect feature is completely safe and has been vetted to the highest of standards. The URL associated with this site is shorter in order to make it more recognisable to the average user. Interestingly enough, the actual URL that you are redirected to is https://login.live.com/oauth20_remoteconnect.srf. This page is hosted within the official Microsoft website and is intended to enable users to access the Minecraft crossplay feature.

Is Minecraft a Cross-Platform Game?

Minecraft is a cross-platform game; allowing you and your friends to enjoy all of its features when using entirely different consoles. Minecraft provides crossplay options for both game versions (however, the exact methods are slightly different). Note that those who choose to play the Minecraft: Bedrock edition can use Windows, Switch, Xbox, and smartphones. The Minecraft Java Edition is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.

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